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Give us a chance to eliminate your time-consuming cleaning chores and sparkle your space like no other.


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Why choose Cleaning Solutions R US For Your Residence or Workspace?

At Cleaning Solutions R US, your cleanliness is our first priority. We are the cleaning artists who deliver superiority through professionalism. With top-drawer services, each corner of your home feels fresh, hygienic and clean. Save yourself from the illness spreading and make your environment a healthy epitome of daily life.

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We’ll provide you with sanitization and a hygienic space every day, each week, and every year. With our budget-friendly subscription plans, you can grab the delight of cost-effective cleaning subscription packages.




We have top-tier and budget-friendly cleaning packages that help you meet all your desired cleaning needs.


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It’s a moment of pride for us that each clientele is extremely happy and delighted to book our errands.



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At Cleaning Solutions R US, the consistent positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by our clients have been truly gladdening.

We Provide Top-drawer Cleaning Errands with High-end Cleaning Products

We ensure your space is free from injurious bacteria, mud and allergens, contributing to a hygienic living environment all day long.


Janitorial service

Up to 2 days

On Demand | Single visit

Commercial cleaning

Up to 2 days


Post Construction Cleaning

Up to 2 days

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Maintain your cleaning requirements in the Cleaning solution R US app.

We welcome you to Cleaning Solution R US, We are an experienced and leading cleaning service in Dunedin, Florida, serving as cleaning artists and delivering services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We ensure the use of high-quality products for your household, building and workspace.

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