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Get the Chance to avail of Top-drawer Premium Services for Your Space

Office Cleaning Solutions:

If you’re in search of a well-maintained, eye-catching, and fully hygienic and sanitized workspace, we are the premium service. You can book to experience the essence of groomed corporate space. Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure you a meticulously sparkling, well-equipped and crystal-clear workspace for improved work productivity.

Post Construction Cleaning:

Once you’re free from your hectic and messed up construction project, we’re here to add spark to the space that looks like dirt to the eyes! With our services, you can experience a pristine, hygienic and sparkling environment to a place that seems dull after the construction!

Vacation Rental Cleaning:

With our high-end rental cleaning services, you can please your guests with a pristine, clean, santizied and fresh smelling place to welcome your beloved guests. We deliver superiority through our exceptional services, to performing excellence in every aspect that we can. We aim to provide a spotless space for your guests to let them experience a positive impact upon arriving at your residence.

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We’ll provide you with sanitization and a hygienic space every day, each week, and every year. With our budget-friendly subscription plans,  you can grab the delight of cost-effective  cleaning subscription packages.




We have top-tier and budget-friendly cleaning packages that help you meet all your desired cleaning needs.


Satisfied Clients

It’s a moment of pride for us that each clientele is extremely happy and delighted to book our errands.



Positive Feedbacks

At Cleaning Solutions R US, the consistent positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by our clients have been truly gladdening.

We Provide Top-drawer Cleaning Errands with High-end Cleaning Products

We ensure your space is free from injurious bacteria, mud and allergens, contributing to a hygienic living environment all day long.


Janitorial service

Up to 2 days

On Demand | Single visit

Commercial cleaning

Up to 2 days


Post Construction Cleaning

Up to 2 days